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  • Country: Italy
  • City: San Vendemiano
  • Address: Via Treviso, 36
  • Contact Person: Filippo Gambino

Key Specifications
The RouteHELP-GSM.SdP is an emergency call unit specifically designed and optimized for installation on motorways and, in general, when no data connection or power source is available at the installation point.
In fact, for the connection with the central control station, it uses the GSM network for the bidirectional transfer of voice and the GPRS network for the transfer of information relating to the activation of calls and those relating to the supervision of the efficiency status of the column itself (self-diagnosis and continuous monitoring) while the power is provided by a 10W photovoltaic panel that keeps charging a battery able to ensure the operation of the column for at least 2 weeks in the absence of sun.
For the management of the system, in the central place, there is a server on which is installed the RWS software that collects and organizes in a database all the information related to the status of efficiency of the columns and the operations performed on them.
The RWS server can be queried by one or more terminals on which the RWS CLIENT software is installed, which allows you to view the information stored in the database.
The mechanical structure of the SOS column consists of a hot-dip galvanized steel pole S275 with a base plate which has 4 holes for fixing to the concrete plinth.
There is also a horizontal arm of adjustable length between in order to compensate for the differences in distance between the installation point and the guard rail, which ends with a vertical plate prepared for fixing the call device, as well as a plate welded directly to the pole to contain the accumulator.
The electronics is made with a single board on which are implemented all the functions that contribute to the management of the pillar itself including the battery charge control module.
The choice of using a single board ensures greater reliability as there are no interconnections between different modules of the electronics, which are typically the cause of failures especially in hostile conditions of use when there are vibrations and high temperatures.
It also simplifies field service operations which, being typically carried out by replacing the board, will require less time and can be carried out by non-specialist personnel.
The power supply subsystem uses a 10W photovoltaic panel that charges a 12V and 12AH VRLA battery.
The photovoltaic panel is fixed with an adjustable support that allows the rotation and adjustment of the inclination.
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