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  • Country: Italy
  • City: San Vendemiano
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  • Contact Person: Filippo Gambino

Key Specifications

SoundLAN is a family of audio apparatuses Over IP appropriate to achieve Public Address systems, that you can connect directly to the LAN and that has the POE powering. Moreover, the apparatuses of this family can communicate directly between them by using a Peer-To-Peer protocol that doesn''t need servers or other central units.

You can have several different types of apparatuses each of which carry out a specific functions (microphone console, player, power amplifier, …) and therefore you can install different type of Public Address systems by combining the above elements in proper way and by using only the LAN to interconnect them:
• SoundLAN-E.UP – Audio Gateway over IP with built in audio amplifier suitable to drive external loudspeakers or horns through a 100V line output
• SoundLAN-E.GA – Audio Gateway over IP with 0dB output suitable to drive external amplifiers
• SoundLAN-E.H11 – Horn loudspeaker Over IP with POE connection to the LAN and built in 11 W audio amplifier.
• SoundLAN-E.PL - Player over IP suitable to convey on the LAN pre-recorded announcements or audio signals coming from external devices.
• InterLAN-EO.PPM - Desk announcements unit with gooseneck microphone, loudspeaker, keyboard and LCD display

These Public Address systems Over IP can broadcast live announcements or pre-recorded announcements on a single area, in groups of areas as well as on the entire system and if necessary can broadcast background music
Ultimately, thanks to SoundLAN, you can install Public Address systems in small areas as well as in large areas without laying cables used exclusively for this purpose and making the system easier to design, to install and to service.
Moreover, thanks to the wide range of available versions of the apparatuses, this system is proper to be used in commercial buildings, industrial plant, stores, airports, railway or metro stations, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities and public areas.

* Public Address system Over IP based on Peer-To-Peer protocol
* Server-less system that doesn''t need to install software
* Entirely configurable remotely by LAN
* No limits to adding new apparatuses and new diffusion zones
* No limits on adding audio sources (microphones, music ...)
* Interface to external systems by I/O available

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