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Key Specifications
Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown is a cyber security feature that has been released as part of the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS. Camera Cyber Lockdown blocks cameras from communicating with the Internet, blocks attacks from reaching the cameras, and will not allow any Trojans which may have been implanted in the cameras to communicate with the Internet. This feature greatly increases the cyber security of video surveillance systems and reduces the amount of cyber security maintenance required.


The overall effect of Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown is protection from cyber security breaches and reduction in cyber security issues generated by cameras. Performing firmware updates on cameras is normally crucial for cyber security, but since the cameras are locked down, these maintenance needs are reduced.


Surveillance cameras have a number of cyber security issues associated with them:


* Cameras are manufactured by a large number of companies located all over the world. Many of these companies have unknown political and governmental influences.

* Many cameras are manufactured by one company and labeled and sold by different companies. It is often difficult to know who and where cameras are manufactured. Tracing the true source of a camera can be difficult.

* Many camera suppliers and manufacturers are lax on their cyber security and do not perform adequate testing or have the knowledge to make their cameras truly cyber secure. It’s hard to know this when selecting cameras.

* Many camera suppliers do not provide adequate firmware upgrades addressing cyber security flaws in a timely manner. Some do not provide any firmware upgrades at all.

* Upgrading firmware on surveillance cameras when you have a large quantity of them can be extremely time consuming.

* Many surveillance camera users do not have processes in place to perform camera firmware upgrades when cyber vulnerabilities are discovered. Most do not have a process in place to track cyber security vulnerabilities and then respond to them.

Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown
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