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Key Specifications
OLG01-N is an open source single channel LoRa Gateway. It lets you bridge LoRa wireless network to an IP network via WiFi, Ethernet, 3G or 4G cellular. The

LoRa wireless allows users to send data and reach extremely long ranges at low data-rates. It provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity.

OLG01-N has rich internet connection method  such as WiFi interface, Ethernet port and USB host port. These Interfaces provide flexible methods for users to connect their sensor networks to Internet.

OLG01-N can support Limited LoRaWAN protocol in single frequency and customized LoRa transmit protocol. Different from OLG01, OLG01-N use the Linux to directly control the sx1276/sx1278 LoRa module which increase the communication efficiency and simplify the software design. 

OLG01-N can be used to provide a low cost IoT wireless solution to support 50~300 sensor nodes.

Except LoRaWAN mode, LG01-N can support mutiply working mode  such as: MQTT mode, TCP/IP Client  mode to fit different requirement for IoT connection. 

LG01-N base on sx1276 solution which provide a low cost for your IoT network connection. Compare to the cost with normal SX1301 LoRaWAN solution. the LG01-N is only of its 1/4 or less cost. This make the OLG01-N very suitable to set up small scale LoRa network.

OLG01-N Single Channel LoRa IoT Gateway
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