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  • City: Seongnam
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Key Specifications
The 4-in-1 Touchless Multi-Biometric Reader from CrucialTrak supports 4 main types of authentication as access control. Face, iris, fingerprint, and palm vein are all supported with the additional option of utilizing an external RFID. Frictionless authentication supports emotion, gender and age detection. The access control solution increases security and provides flexible management & control of the workplace for employees and visitors. The biometric access control system can be applied to critical infrastructures, where the highest level of security is required, for small businesses with lower security requirements but still want to approve on unique authentication abilities.

Key features

  • 4 Biometric Authentication Supports: Face, Iris, Fingerprint, Palm Vein (External RFID Optional)

  • Clear Image Scoring Algorithm

  • Motion Tracking Analysis

  • Simultaneous Touchless Fingerprint and Falm Vein Recongnition

  • Behavior Biometric Allows Frictionless Authentication – Emotion, Gender, Age Detection

CrucialTrak BACS Quattro Touchless Multi-Biometric Reader
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