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  • Country: United Kingdom
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  • Address: Iceni House, London Road, Great Chesterford
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Key Specifications

Blighter AUDS (Anti-UAV Defence System) is designed to disrupt and neutralise Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activity.

The Blighter AUDS system combines electronic-scanning radar target detection, electro-optical (EO) tracking/classification and directional RF inhibition capability.

The AUDS Team brings together three leading British companies, each with the unique capabilities required to create an effective counter UAV system. Blighter's A400 series air security radars are able to DETECT small UAVs in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day. The Chess Dynamics Hawkeye EO/IR camera system, with state-of-the-art video tracking technology, is able to TRACK the UAV and, combined with radar target information, classify the target. The operator is then able to make a timely and informed decision to use the Enterprise Control Systems ('ECS'), smart RF inhibitor to selectively interfere with the C2 channels on the UAV allowing the system to DISRUPT the UAV's mission.


BSS LogoA400 Series Air Security Radar
*Detection range:  8 km
*Minimum target size (RCS):  0.01 m2
*Frequency band:  Ku-band
* Radar type:  E-scan Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Doppler Surveillance Radar
*Transmitter power (nominal):  4 Watt
*Azimuth coverage:  180° (standard) or 90° (optional)
* Elevation coverage:  10° (M10S antennas) or 20° (W20S antennas)

LogoHawkeye LR Camera
*Colour camera:
- Type:  Colour HD 2.3 Megapixel Array
- Optical zoom:  x30
- Digital zoom:  x12
- Focus:  Auto
*Thermal camera
- Type:  Gen 3 Cooled
- Resolution:  640 x 512 pixel
- Wavelength:  3 to 5 µm (MWIR)
- Zoom:  24° to 1.8° (continuous)
* Digital video tracker
*Pan & tilt:
- Azimuth:  Continuous
- Elevation:  -20° to +60°
- Max speed:  30° per second

Directional RF Inhibitor
*Antennas:  Three integrated circularly polarised high gain antennas
*Frequency coverage:  Details available on request
*RF output power:  Details available on request
*Size (approx.):  1.3 m x 0.6 m x 0.5 m (51.2 in. x 23.6 in. x 19.7 in.)
*Weight - including antennas (approx.):  20 kg (44 lbs)

System Environmental Specification
*Operational temperature:  -32°C (C1) to +49°C (A1) MIL-STD-810G
*Storage temperature:  -33°C (C1) to +71°C (A1) MIL-STD-810G

Blighter Anti-UAV Defence System(AUDS)
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