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Key Specifications

Axxon Intellect Lite is your right choice if you need reliable, easy to use software to manage your CCTV system and point of sales. Handling up to 256 cameras (analogue or IP) from unlimited numbers of client stations Intellect Lite will fulll your needs in terms of video monitoring and recording.

These capabilities make Intellect Lite a perfect solution for mediumrange deployments and coordinated management of retail premises, bundling security with safety and daily operation. Intellect Lite is a fully proof software suite, ready to meet any requirement in terms of exibility and ease of use. Designed to work at large deployments, you will enjoy its stability even in the hardest conditions of restricted bandwidth and minimal hardware footprint.

Because it's built with an object-oriented architecture, Axxon Intellect Lite is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to manage. The system is easily upgraded to Intellect Enterprise version - so as your company reaches new levels of growth, you can build on your initial investments and don't have to put your company through the frustration or nancial stress of changing systems.

The modules can be launched at any computer and connected to the system core by means of a network, thus providing a complete solution on remote operation, control, and monitoring.

* Up to 256 cameras 
* Unlimited numbers of remote clients 
* Hybrid system, managing simultaneously analogue and IP cameras 
*  Additional POS module for retail security 
* Fully customizable GUI
* Event driven management model
* PTZ camera control preinstalled ? Video compression: H264, MPEG4, MJPEG, motion wavelet (native).
* Megapixel camera compatible
* Notification Services (Voice, SMS, MMS, Email)
* Advanced Reporting System
* Video signal quality control Service
? Wireless & Web access Service

Axxon Intellect Lite
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