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Key Specifications

AxxonSoft is proud to present version 3.1 of the Axxon Next video management software (VMS). Many new features have been added to Axxon Next 3.1, making workflows more efficient, improving ease of use, reducing server and client resource use, and slimming the bandwidth footprint. New in version 3.1:

Green Stream is a core innovation for more efficient resource use. The Green Stream feature automatically chooses a video stream fr om a camera to the server, and then to the client, depending on the resolution at which the video is currently displayed on the client. A "lighter" stream saves bandwidth and client CPU resources.

Another novel feature for efficiency concerns the Camera Tampering and Failure Detection tools: only keyframes (H.264, MPEG) or frames downsampled at 2 fps (MJPEG) are decoded, not the entire video stream. This reduces the burden on the video server CPU and thus allows handling more video channels on a single server.

One of the marquee innovations in surveillance effectiveness is support for fisheye cameras and ImmerVision lenses. This function allows dewarping video fr om a fisheye camera or a camera with an ImmerVision panomorphic lens to obtain several "normal" flat images with different frame aspect ratios for display on the client screen. One of the resulting virtual cameras can be a virtual PTZ unit. This means that a single fisheye camera can replace several fixed cameras and a PTZ camera, for greater hardware cost savings. Dewarping is performed on the graphics card, without any additional burden on the CPU of the client computer. This allows viewing more video channels on a single client without increasing hardware requirements.

Custom layout editing mode allows creating camera layouts of any arrangement on the screen. Viewing tiles can have varying aspect ratios as well. This is an efficient way of simultaneously fitting cameras on screen with aspect ratios of 3:4, 16:9, etc., and working with dewarped fisheye images.

Map immersion mode opens up new opportunities for viewing video. When enabled, this mode overlays a translucent video viewing tile on the map; fixed objects in the frame (furniture, doors, etc.) are combined with their depictions on the map. Immersion mode makes surveillance interactive and allows visually correlating the in-frame movement of objects with their movements in real space.

Axxonsoft Next VMS Version 3.1
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