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Monitoring, controlling and managing traffic or vehicle fleets is critical to a successful transportation operation, for both public and commercial enterprises. Your organization may be responsible for law enforcement and must track public and/or government-issued vehicles as part of your crime reduction efforts. Or, you may need to track vehicles, manage on-site car parking spaces, and warehouse traffic in real-time. To keep your wheels on the road, you need a solution tailored to your specific transportation and traffic challenges.

Axxon’s Auto Intellect will keep your transportation system on course. Our solution easily interfaces with your existing hardware and software – no matter what type you have. Simple installation, easy setup, and increased accessibility are yours with Auto Intellect.

* Max. vehicle speed: up to 250 km/h 
* Accuracy: above 95% 
* Recognizes many types of license
plates containing Arabic, Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, and Korean characters 
* Integration with access control systems 
* Blacklist check 
* Speedgun integration 
* Traffic statistics collection and analysis
* Recognition of vehicle types
* Automatic detection of traffic violations

Axxonsoft Auto Intellect
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