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  • Country: United States of America
  • City: Fremont
  • Address: 7100 Stevenson Boulevard, Suite 111, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Contact Person: Alan Ataev

Key Specifications

Axxon Next is best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software that is based on open standards to offer a truly open platform. Axxon Next's reliability, performance, and convenience are unmatched on the market. Experience unprecedented flexibility and freedom of configuration: unlimited number of video servers, cameras, workstations and mobile client devices, and approximately 1,000 models of IP cameras are all supported. Thanks to the program's application programming interface (API), Axxon Next allows easily integrating third-party hardware to extend your video system's functionality yet further. The advanced ergonomic interface makes all functions intuitively easy to use and find. A transparent customer-oriented pricing policy means that you can take advantage of the program's full functionality, no matter the size of your system. Axxon Next is available in a free version with support for 16 connected cameras and an included license for video and audio detection tools.

Axxon Next offers best-in-class technologies and benefits in:

* Performance — the radically new SolidStore file system means high-speed data access, reliable storage, and zero data fragmentation.
* Reliability — Axxon Next's micro-modular architecture ensures smooth, uninterrupted program operation.
* Efficiency — MomentQuest2 and Time Compressor use smart video searching to quickly spot footage of interest.
* Usability — Interactive 3D Map instantly pinpoints the location of the selected camera at your site.
* Functionality — video analytics are included in the license.
* Availability — flat price list, no maintenance fees, free support, free updates, and a free version, which supports 1 server, 16 cameras, 1 TB video storage, and an unlimited number of client workstations.

Axxon Next highlights:
* Unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients
* Support for approximately 1,000 IP camera models
* Web and iPhone live view and archive view
* Advanced video analytics, free of charge 
* Unique tools for fast video footage retrieval

Axxon Next
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