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Key Specifications

The NRQM series is a stackable quad beam detector, allowing up to four units to be stacked by high cross talk elimination technology. It supports ¨And〃 and ¨Or〃 mode ??ion, by combining the upper two beams and lower two beams. The ¨Or〃 mode is effective for detecting a person crawling. Its four-way alignment (optics, voltmeter, three LEDs, buzzer) supports easy installation.

● Up to four units can be stacked with quad beams
● M ultifrequency and no cross-talk with other channels
● AND/OR mode selection at 200 m outdoors and 400 m indoors
● Environmental discrimination circuit (EDC) outputs an EDC signal before alarm signal
● Four-way alignment: Optics, voltmeter, three LEDs and buzzer
● 100 times sensitivity allows for stable operation in alternative environments

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