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Key Specifications

The ACU100 family is a cost effective contactless smartcard (MIFARE) based access control system for a single door up to 128 door installations. This easy to install product range includes reader and controller built into a single unit, a unit with keypad for enhanced security, and a unit with keypad and LCD display for enhanced user friendliness. 

Exploiting the secure read/write capability of contactless smartcard technology, the ACU100 family provides instant global antipassback feature by writing the entry/exit status into each card. Each ACU100 supports up to 500 cardholders and stores up to 1,000 transaction events in its non-volatile memory. The reader/controller can operate in standalone mode or connected via RS485 to a network with a computer running IBSSLite. IBSSLite is a user-friendly application software with Windows graphical user interface (GUI) for data entry, event transaction storage and report generation. The availability of the Time Clocking Software(TCS) makes this solution ideal for many offices, car parks, warehouses, small factories, retail shops, etc.

Key Features


- Operate independently, or in a network
- Mix-and-match reader options
- Smartcard and Wiegand
reader function


- Add-on by unit, no hefty investment required for each addition
- Access control system grows with your budget

Easy to install and maintain
- Quick installation
- Easy wiring
- Easy programming
- Easy DIP switch settings

Complete door monitoring function option

- Fire alarm monitoring
- Intrusion monitoring

High-tech design for long term investment protection

- Flash memory design for easy controller software upgrades

Software Support* (IBSSLite) for managing access

- Group access with weekly schedule
- 16 weekly schedules: 7 days + 1 holiday per schedule and 50 holidays
- 4 active time zones per day
- 64 access groups
- Flexible assignment - any group to any door with any schedule
* software support excludes ACU30

ACU100 Single-Door Controllers/Readers
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