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Key Specifications
The pneumatic-automatic bollards can be stand-along control, especially in square; one PCC (Programmable Control Cabinet) can control 20 bollards together.It also can fit the different rise-off time require, the fastest time is 3 sec. it also supports direction changes during the running and avoids accidents, The pneumatic-automatic bollard does not need strong current construction, it has environmental power supply, reliable and safe.


Square, Public locations which need many bollards and have fast speed requirement.

2. Technical parameter:

Work Voltage: 24 V

Bollards body weight: 58KG

Goss weight: 100KG

Thickness: 6MM

Diameter: 219MM

Surface treatment: polishing drawing

Height: 600MM

Embedment depth: 900MM

Material: 304 stainless

Running model: pneumatic pressure

Rising and Falling time: 3-5 second

Reflective strip: glosses Crystal lattice reflective tape

Rise – off control: remote control (short range)/drive by wire(less than 100M)

Control cabinet size: 580*800*800MM

Bollard body size: 420 * 450 *900MM

Protection level: IP67

 pneumatic-automatic bollards
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