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Key Specifications
Removable bollard aims at low frequency access control, it provides the best effective solution, not only increase the flexibility,but also simplifies the balance of strength.Our professional mechanical locks and “T”type handle are patented, providing users with more beautiful appearance and easier operations.Removable bollard can also work together with other series of bollards.

Removable bollard is easy to install, concrete slab is enough. The recommended maximum spacing is 1.4m, the depth of excavation of 30 cm. For special needs, please contact local dealers.

1. Application:
Convenient store, supermarket and so on.

2. Technical parameter:
Bollards body weight: 18KG
Thickness: 3MM
Diameter: 114MM
Surface treatment: polishing drawing
Height: 600MM
Embedment depth: 300MM
Running model: manual operation
Reflective strip: glosses Crystal lattice reflective tape 30MM
Installation size: 160*260*300MM
Protection level: IP67

Removable bollard
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