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Key Specifications
Product Type: Thermal Bullet

Application Environment: Outdoor

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 27°

Environmental Casing: Weatherproof (IP68), Vandal proof metal casing (IK10)

Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 45°C (-40°F ~ 113°F)

Thermal camera for target detection in darkness, rain or haze

The perimeter protection of critical infrastructure and large open areas such as airports, coastline or geographical borders is even more efficient with the thermal camera Q31. It can reliably distinguish people, vehicles and other heat-radiating objects at extremely large distances.

Unlike conventional cameras that detect light, the Q31 senses heat so it can be used even in complete darkness. Moreover, fog, rain, snow, dust or other matters that could obscure the view of standard cameras don’t affect its ability to detect targets.

Thermal image is also ideal for detection of camouflaged people or objects that might blend in with complex backgrounds.

The built-in motion detection can automatically recognize moving targets while preventing false alarms caused by ambient motion – such as moving tree branches or sea waves.

Motion Notification senses suspicious activities in the surrounding and triggers ACTi speed dome to track the suspicious object by capturing motion of heat.

The model is compatible with ACTi IVS Server allowing automatic detection of line crossing, enter area and more.

ACTi Q31 Thermal Bullet
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