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eNewsletter November 2016
Source: ACTi Corporation
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Automated surveillance with NVR 3

ACTi’s advanced video management system, NVR 3, has received new features for automated surveillance and improved user experience leading to better security and operator’s efficiency.

Intelligent camera event - Use events from ACTi cameras with built-in analytics (in addition to IVS Server) to trigger NVR events. For example, a camera detecting loitering in the proximity of an ATM can automatically alert the operator to validate the situation and take timely action, if needed.

Event by camera’s audio - Employ the Sound Detection function of selected ACTi cameras to detect noise (such as of a broken window) and automatically trigger NVR events – start an alarm, send notification with live video to the security guard and more.

Thumbnail search - Find any incident even faster! The video footage is displayed as a grid of thumbnails, each of which can be clicked to instantly play video of the time period.

Interactive maps - Display video and event log by clicking on a camera on an interactive, Google-based map. It allows the operator not only to move the map freely in all directions but also to zoom in/out to quickly navigate between clusters of devices in different locations.

Notifications - Send text and video notifications to the security personnel instantly and reliably. Operator in the control center seeing suspicious behavior on his screen can push a notification with the camera’s live view to the smartphone of security officer in the field. Conversely, the security officer on a tour can send live video from his smartphone’s camera directly to the operator in the control room.

Easy, bandwidth-friendly camera connection - Connect the camera and NVR located in different networks easily. The camera can “push” video to the NVR, effectively eliminating the need for setting any firewall rules. It can push the video constantly, by schedule or only on event (for example, motion or face detected) to even further reduce the bandwidth and storage usage.

For more details and a complete feature list, visit our Software NVR page. The new version can be obtained by request already today and will be available in ACTi Download Center soon.

Thermal camera for target detection in darkness, rain or haze

The perimeter protection of critical infrastructure and large open areas such as airports, coastline or geographical borders is even more efficient with the thermal camera Q31. It can reliably distinguish people, vehicles and other heat-radiating objects at extremely large distances.

Unlike conventional cameras that detect light, the Q31 senses heat so it can be used even in complete darkness. Moreover, fog, rain, snow, dust or other matters that could obscure the view of standard cameras don’t affect its ability to detect targets.

Thermal image is also ideal for detection of camouflaged people or objects that might blend in with complex backgrounds.

The built-in motion detection can automatically recognize moving targets while preventing false alarms caused by ambient motion – such as moving tree branches or sea waves.

Motion Notification senses suspicious activities in the surrounding and triggers ACTi speed dome to track the suspicious object by capturing motion of heat.

The model is compatible with ACTi IVS Server allowing automatic detection of line crossing, enter area and more.


Indoor speed dome with 360° endless pan

The new B934 speed dome brings 360° endless pan and 3- zoom for indoor surveillance making it an especially suitable choice for large areas such as shopping malls, airport halls or train stations. The camera can also be flush-mounted into the ceiling for a discreet look.

The powerful, 3- optical zoom lens paired with full HD image sensor enables recognition of faces that are more than 250 meters (820 feet) far.

The model comes with Extreme WDR, allowing it to produce accurate imagery in complicated lighting environments, such as those having both strong shadows and variable lighting. The Superior Low Light Sensitivity technology ensures that the image is clear also in environments with limited visible light.

The Auto Tracking technology allows it to automatically follow people in the monitored area. The image of the moving object is always clear, no matter how far or in which direction from the camera. The operator can effortlessly manage more cameras at the same time as he doesn’t need to manually control their PTZ.

People counting option for higher ceilings

In addition to indoor people counting camera Q93, ACTi has launched the Q94 which is calibrated for a ceiling height of 260-500 cm (8.5-16.4 ft).

While the camera is delivering the real-time count to the remote server, the video stream does not need to be transferred through the network to remote video analytics server which drastically reduces bandwidth and computing requirements compared to server-based people counting solutions.

The metadata can be processed by a simple user-made application or, preferably, ACTi’s Retail Application Suite which generates comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand reports and charts.


ACTi improved port’s operation management

Fremantle Port is using ACTi cameras and custom-made Market Application Suite (MAS) to automatically detect truck congestions at the seaport in real time. Moreover, the system generates comprehensive reports which allow the Fremantle Port track violations and penalize the offenders.

Learn how ACTi MAS cut costs and increased the efficiency in the testimonial video and contact your sales to find out how ACTi can help your business!

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