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  • Country: Taiwan
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Key Specifications

Connect Port

- 4/8 x RJ-11 FXS or FXO ports

1 x RJ-45 10/100Mbps WAN Ethernet Port

- 3 x RJ-45 10/100Mbps LAN Ethernet Ports


Voice Processing

Audio CODEC:

-G.711 A-law / u-law, (64kbps)

-G.723.1, (5.3 or 6.3kbps)

-G.726, (ADPCM 40, 32, 24, 16 kbps)

-G.729a/G.729b, (8kbps)

- Support T.38 FAX Relay (9.6k, 14.4k)

- Carrier tone detection and generation

- Silence suppression and comfort noise

- DTMF In/Out band Relay

- DTMF/ Call progress detection and generation

- Q.931 Fast Start

- Support Caller ID generate and detect

- Support VAD, H.225, H.245, CNG, G.168, Jitter buffer and programmable gain control


Voice Signaling

- Support SIP & H.323 simultaneous VoIP calls

- Support SIP v2 Standard (RFC3261)

-Outbound Proxy

-STUN Server

- Register up to 4 Server simultaneously

- Support multiple dialing plan / Call hunting group

Adaptive Jitter Buffer function

Support multiple dialing plan / Call hunting group

Build-in Web call Server function.

- Extensible by external IVR/CDR/Billing servers for value- added application

- Support current drop and polarity reversal detection and generation on analog trunk interface

- Selectable group or sequence ring the PBX when VoIP call in

- IP screening table for authorized VoIP call in

- Flexible Routing table and profile



- Web Interface Management

- Support Auto-Provision System

- Remotely configuration/Upgrade by Web UI or Auto Provisioning (HTTP).

- 1 Reset button for load factory default.

- WAN IP configure can be programmed by IVR via phone set

- Build-in watching dog for auto recovery

Router Functions

- Support static and dynamic IP from DHCP, PPPoE

- Build-in DHCP Server

- Dynamic DNS Support

- Support Network access rules

(LAN to WAN & WAN to LAN)

- Self-Protection against DoS Attacks

- Support NAT through function

- Supported Protocol: UDP, TCP, NAT, BOOTP, TFTP, FTP, HTTP, TELNET, IEEE   802.3/ IEEE 802.3u


- NAT function: Virtual Server, Port mapping, ALG, DMZ, Static routing table

- Firewall option: Client filtering, URL filtering, MAC control, Drop Port scans

- VPN Pass-through (PPTP & IPSEC Pass Through)

- Support IP TOS (Type of Service) for VoIP


Hardware Specification


Power: AC100V-240V, DC 12V/1.5A (Max)

Temperature: 0o C to 45o C (Operation),
-20o C to 75o C (Storage)

Humidity: up to 90% non-condensing

Dimension: 233 x 153 x 46 mm (W/D/H)

Weight: 1.5Kg



- CE Mark



- One Year Limited Warranty


VS400B/VS2400B 4/8 channel VoIP/PSTN smart call router series:

- IP/PSTN Dual Access –Incoming and outgoing calls from both IP and PSTN networks use same POTS phone set.

- Dual FXO/FXS interface for connect between PBX and PSTN

- Smart routing select between VoIP and PSTN by prefix number

- Automatic reroute the call via PSTN when VoIP failure with warning sound

- Maintain the call by bypass relay when power failure

- Direct analog bypass route when call between Line and Phone

- Support call waiting notice when VoIP talking


VS400/VS2400 series
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