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Key Specifications
* Increased resolution: 23X and 35X cameras offer 540 lines of resolution (up from 480). The additional lines of resolution enhance picture quality by rendering increased sharpness and detail
* Digital noise reduction: DNR (sometimes called FNR) is now offered on the 23X cameras and will be available soon on the 35X cameras. Digital noise reduction improves picture quality in low light environments by digitally sampling the video image and removing excessive noise that interferes with image clarity. In addition to DNR, the cameras also offer increased sensitivity, further improving performance in lowlight conditions
* Enhanced autofocus: Maintain correct focus without any manual adjustments
* Progressive scan: 35X models with progressive scan provide a far more crisp and stable than interlaced video. The difference is particularly noticeable when viewing moving images
* On-screen status indicators: Temperature, humidity and pressure value indications displayed on-screen by the SVFT-PRS pressurized camera dome now make it effortless to perform on-going diagnostics of the camera's performance
Vicon SurveyorVFT Dome Camera
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