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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: Edinburgh
  • Address: Charles Darwin House, The Edinburgh Technopole, Edinburgh, EH26 0PY, Scotland, UK
  • Contact Person: Hayley Paterson
Key Specifications
IndigoVision provides a scalable and distributed solution. It allows NVRs to be transparently located at any point on the network, removing single -point failures, which are common with traditional analog/ DVR recording systems. The new upgrade allows NVRs to work as failover backups and mirrors for primary NVRs. The backup NVR can continuously record the same video in parallel as the primary NVR (mirroring) or automatically take over recording if the primary NVR fails. The backup NVRs can be located at a different physical location to the primary NVRs, adding further to the resilience of the system. The backup NVRs continuously monitor the primary NVRs to check availability and synchronize configurations. Several backup NVRs can monitor a single primary NVR and a single backup NVR can monitor several primary NVRs. Sophisticated webs or chains of NVR redundancy can be implemented, allowing the user to choose their level of redundancy based on a risk/cost analysis.
IndigoVision NVR
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