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WEBGATE won the HDcctv Leadership Award for 3 years in a row

- “Compliance Leadership Award” for 3 consecutive years
- HD-CCTV market recognized the contribution of WEBGATE
- Once again, proved to be the HD-CCTV market leader

Daemyung Enterprise, WEBGATE division ( had won the “Compliance Leadership Award” from HDcctv Alliance. The awards ceremony was held at China Public Security Expo(CPSE) in Shenzhen. Through this third consecutive prestigious award, WEBGATE once again proved to be the leading company in the HD-CCTV market.

HDcctv Alliance is an international standard association for HD-CCTV video surveillance products which are based on HD-SDI(High-Definition Serial Digital Interface) transmission technology. Since its establishment in 2009, more than 60 members of companies all around the world have joined the alliance, and they are working actively to prosper HD-CCTV market. One of the major roles of HDcctv Alliance is product verification to see if it meets HDcctv standard and to grant the certificate.

In October, WEBGATE acquired new HDcctv certificates for 12 PoC camera models and 11 non-PoC camera models including box, indoor/outdoor dome and bullet types. So, after receiving the World’s First HDcctv camera certificate in 2010, WEBGATE have acquired total of 39 certificates for DVR, camera and converter products up to now. This award also means that HD-CCTV market has recognized WEBGATE’s tireless new product development, the effort to spread significant system installation cases, holding customer seminars for the year 2013.
Especially, recently released PoC cameras and DVR can provide one cable solution of HD-CCTV products which support not only Full-HD video transmission but also PoC(Power over Coax) and CoC(Control over Coax) function through coaxial cable. It has meaningful signification which suggested the new direction of HD-CCTV product development.

To achieve the vision of world's best HD-CCTV leading company, WEBGATE expanded necessary products over external storage, repeater, converter, fiber-optic transmitter and receiver as well as DVR, camera models which are essential for building the HD-CCTV system, and is now accelerating its brand marketing under WEBGATE name.

Nowadays, high-definition video surveillance market’s main trend is megapixel IP camera, but HD-CCTV solution is stretching its market share by its simple installation and maintenance merit. According to IMS research published this year, HD-CCTV will have full-scale growth from 2013 and will have average 64% growth rate to 2017, and expected to have 1.4 billion market share.
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