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Release of the world’s best performance HD-CCTV DVR

A pioneer in HD-CCTV camera and DVR field, WEBGATE ( has launched the most advanced 16ch HD-SDI DVR, HD1600F-PDR which can record & playback Full-HD video at 480/400FPS. It not only has the best recording performance but supports RAID, DoubleReachTM and offers one cable solution which supports Full-HD video transmission, camera power and camera control through coaxial cable.

? World’s best HD-SDI DVR that supports 16ch, HD1080p@480/400FPS recording & playback
Supports 30/25FPS per channel monitoring, recording and playback even at 16-split screen, and provides excellent resolution of 1,200TV Lines. Besides, it supports lighting arrester for input/ output ports, various external storage interfaces through eSATA and gigabit ethernet, and WEBGATE’s CMS, Control Center which connects up to 1,024 DVRs.
? PoC(Power over Coax)
No additional equipment is necessary to supply power to camera and to receive HD-SDI video. Because DVR can supply power to camera through coaxial cable, power supply installation of a camera is not necessary.
? CoC(Control over Coax)
No need for extra RS485 cable to control camera. PoC HD camera’s OSD menu control, firmware upgrade, zoom/focus control and one-push auto focus can be performed by coaxial cable.
? DoubleReachTM
DoubleReachTM compresses Full-HD video to the undistinguishable video quality level by naked eye, and this new technology doubles the transmission distance of HD-SDI.
HD1600F-PDR can receive DoubleReach video for odd channels without additional equipment and users can easily relocate channels which are displayed on multi-screen.
Up to 5 hard disks can be installed inside DVR and it supports RAID level of 1,5,10 via hardware chipset. If recording data inside hard disk is damaged, RAID function can recover the data.

With its own PoC/CoC HD-SDI cameras, converters including PoC repeater, and various new HD-SDI DVR products including HD1600F-PDR, WEBGATE is pioneering a whole new market in which Full-HD video surveillance is much easier to build than analog CCTV system.
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