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Securing the Future with Smart Manufacturing at ALGATEC
Manufacturing contributed 17% of global gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019, making it a crucial part of the world economy. Unlocking the value of advanced manufacturing and smart connected industry is vital to secure a sustainable future for this critical global sector. This evolution forms a core part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), which is projected to create up to US$3.7 trillion of global economic value by 2025.

Despite accounting for under one-fifth of global GDP, manufacturing is a leading driver of global research and development (R&D) spending. Analysis by PwC indicates the sector accounted for roughly 64% of worldwide research and development (R&D) spend in 2015. That reflects an industry with a constant commitment to embracing the future. This same commitment has been reflected by our experiences at ATNESIS — manufacturer of ALGATEC electromagnetic lock products.

As a leading regional supplier of locking system products, we recognise the importance of embracing the latest in industrial innovation. Advanced manufacturing techniques are critical to ensuring that our electromagnetic locks are produced with precision required for access-critical secure operating environments. It also represents a fundamental driver for the future of a sustainable global industry.

Connecting a smarter future of manufacturing

A future of advanced manufacturing is built on three core pillars of connectivity, automation, and enhanced business intelligence. It is about leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a more efficient, cost-effective industry that continues to create value for economies and workers around the world.

ALGATEC, from ATNESIS, is committed to implementing smart manufacturing as a core driver of its business evolution. That includes pairing physical production and operations with smart digital technology, while introducing machine learning and big data analytics as part of a connected industrial ecosystem. The company is committed to an end-to-end approach that incorporates the full value chain from supply through manufacturing management.
The goal of this initiative is to transform from a labour-intensive industry to a high-value, high-skilled and digitally-enabled organisation. Digital technologies will help increase production capacity, efficiency, and optimise processes, providing new tools which support better operations for businesses and workers alike. Analysis of US industrial output reveals that worker productivity increased by almost 50% between 1998-2018, primarily driven by innovation and new technology adoption.

Advanced manufacturing implementation with ALGATEC

Since 2016, ALGATEC has been working to deepen adoption of advanced manufacturing processes. This has included introduction of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as a foundation of business intelligence. This system enables the company to better manage resources, while automating routine processes in areas such as sales, procurement, and accounting, freeing up talent for more value-added work.

In 2019, the company also began measures to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Implementation across 10 stations in the production line has seen it achieve 85% of target line results, an impressive level of productivity efficiency.

Another key focus of investment has been in the area of industrial robotics. ALGATEC has invested in collaborative robot (Cobot) technology, working closely with employees to improve cutting and computer numerical control (CNC) machining processes. Cobots provide a flexible automation solution that can integrate alongside the human workforce, boosting productivity, enhancing efficiency, and improving essential safety standards for manufacturing. Cobots can strengthen competitiveness of a business by helping optimise processes through precision improvements that reduce failure and enhance product consistency. This ensures the reliable quality of ALGATEC’s electromagnetic locks to deliver a dependable performance for customers.

The internet of things (IoT) is another key area of innovation for the manufacturing industry. This technology combines growing use of sensors with smart data analytics to provide critical business insight to reduce waste and boost productivity. ALGATEC introduced IoT into its waste management system in 2015, providing a pathway to manage production waste, further reducing any potential negative impacts to health or the environment. This system manages and monitors for critical waste from anodising electro-plating processes fundamental to producing electromagnetic lock products.

Big data analytics is a backbone of this wider industrial opportunity. Data points from ERP, OEE, and IoT applications provide smart connected business intelligence that guides key decision making. That includes business-critical information for sales and procurement teams to constantly adapt to optimise business processes. Big data enables ALGATEC to enhance the effectiveness of analysis and communication from internal management to external parties, allowing it to deliver responsive and effective support to its customers.

The ALGATEC product portfolio covers vital technologies for security and access control. It supplies electromagnetic locks, exit switches, power supply systems, electric drop-bolts, and door loops to customers in Malaysia and globally. These products are to protect and control access to facilities, ensuring buildings, and the people within them, remain safe and secure. Maintaining the highest possible manufacturing standards means delivering the most secure and effective product for its customers.

ALGATEC is committed to continually delivering the best in locking system technology that ensures trust and accountability for its partners around the world. In the modern operating environment, that comes with an accompanying commitment to state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge innovation. That dedication to advanced manufacturing enables ALGATEC to constantly adapt to serve its customers in a more effective and efficient way.
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