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American Dynamics selects Theia lenses for their Illustra Cameras

American Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, has selected Theia’s megapixel lenses their new Illustra 600 Series HD IP cameras, and Illustra 400 Series box cameras, as well as accessories on their other box camera offerings.

American Dynamics chose Theia’s new SL183 1.8 to 3mm, 5 megapixel, IR corrected lens for use with the new Illustra 600/610 indoor/outdoor mini-dome cameras. Providing up to 117 degrees of undistorted horizontal field of view (HFOV) on the camera’s sensor, this lens offers the ability to cover more area with a single camera, potentially reducing the overall cost of HD and IP system ownership. At only 50mm long, the lens fits perfectly in the sleek mini- dome envelope.

The Illustra 600 Series cameras provide greater flexibility in a high definition camera,
combining superior resolution and low light performance with enhanced facial detection
through more sophisticated bit rate analytics, saving bandwidth usage and storage costs.
In addition, the Illustra 400 Series Box cameras may be packaged with Theia’s SY110A
lens to provide up to 110 degrees undistorted horizontal field of view on the camera’s 1/3” sensor. The Illustra 400 Series cameras bridge the gap between standard and megapixel
resolution with features such as onboard motion detection, wide dynamic range, and
remote onboard storage management at an attractive price point.

Both the SL183A and SY110A lenses, along with the SY125A lens also offered, employ Theia’s award winning Linear Optical Technology? that enable an ultra wide field of view through all-optical distortion correction, correcting barrel distortion without using software.

According to Steve Carney, Sr. Product Manager of IP Cameras and Encoders for Tyco Security Products, "Theia’s lenses offer greater advantages in that they provide the best wide angle image quality without barrel distortion or vignetting. They provide greater image resolution at the edges supporting improved motion search or analytics functions compared to other lenses, enhancing and improving the quality of the functions of the camera"

American Dynamics will also offer Theia’s newest megapixel lens, the SL940A on its range of box cameras. With full 5 megapixel resolution, IR-correction, and a focal length of 9 to 40mm, the telephoto lens lets the user zoom in and deliver highly detailed images. The lens is unusually compact for a telephoto at 50mm long, and fits easily within most conventional camera housings.

American Dynamics will demonstrate their new Illustra 600 Series dome and Illustra 400 box cameras with Theia’s lenses at ASIS 2011 September 19 – 21, 2011 in booth 2101. Theia will also exhibit and demonstrate their lenses at booth 1864 at the security show in Orlando, Florida.
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