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Basler offers Theia’s newest 5 megapixel lenses as accessories for their IP cameras

March 28, 2011 In addition to Theia Technologies’ SY110 Fixed Focal Megapixel Lens, Basler will add Theia’s two new 5 megapixel lenses as accessories for use with their IP camera product line with their price list update of April 15th, 2011.

With the introduction of the Basler 5 megapixel IP camera model (BIP2-2500c/-dn), Basler evaluated new lenses to take advantage of the full sensor size and selected Theia’s newest megapixel offering, the SL940A telephoto lens, to use the full 5 megapixel resolution to deliver excellent image quality.

The 5 megapixel, IR-corrected, CS mount lens has a focal length of 9 to 40 mm, and is designed to let the user take full advantage of the high resolution provided by multi-megapixel cameras such as the BIP2-2500c/-dn model.

In addition, Basler has selected the new SL183 1.8 – 3mm, 5 megapixel, IR corrected lens with Theia’s patented Linear Optical Technology? to provide up to 115 degrees undistorted horizontal field of view (HFOV), providing the opportunity to cover more area with a single camera, potentially reducing the overall cost of system ownership.

Theia’s patented, award winning Linear Optical Technology? provides a wide field of view that enables a wider coverage area with fewer cameras, as well as optical distortion correction that removes barrel distortion without using software. Compared to typical wide angle lenses, Theia’s technology increases resolution at the edges of the image improving the ability to recognize subjects.

According to Gerrit Schreiber, Product Manager for IP Components at Basler, "Theia's megapixel resolution lenses complement our high definition, megapixel IP cameras. Their new SL940 telephoto offering is the most cost effective and space efficient delivery of high resolution telephoto imaging we have seen. The ultra wide, undistorted field of view of their SL183 varifocal lens supports the full coverage provided with our megapixel solutions. Theia’s lenses allow us to fill in both ends of the focal range with high quality, high resolution performance lens options. We believe this will add valuable options for our customers."

Both new lenses offer a powerful combination of true megapixel resolution and IR correction in a compact envelope of only 50mm long. Theia’s lenses maintain crisp, clear megapixel resolution images making them perfect accessories for Basler’s network camera technology. Basler will demonstrate Theia’s lenses April 6 – 8, 2011 at ISC West in Las Vegas at their booth #6117.
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