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The IoT RD Solution is a NEW NORMAL of public events in the post-pandemic
Source: OT Systems Ltd.
The Covid-19 pandemic hit worldwide in early 2020, we begin to adopt a “new normal”. People worries about health and hygiene, face mask is a regular accessory and keeps a social distance from others.

As the pandemic is getting better in some countries, they begin to plan and hold events and gatherings. OTS IoT Mobile Surveillance Solutions is perfect for crowd monitoring, management and collect big data under pandemic.

How does it work?
a) High Stability and Mobility
Built-in battery and solar power are included with wireless network in the Mobile Surveillance Station to ensure the stability of battery and network supply.

Features like these overcome the regional limitations of traditional surveillance, ensuring that every mobile surveillance station works well in no power, no connection environment , even in rural regions.

b) Temporary Day & Night Surveillance
Equipped with Infrared thermal imaging camera to disregard lighting condition, suitable for entrance monitoring, personnel recognition, and AI video analytics identify human or object, plate number etc. Supports linkage with PTZ camera alarm system.

c) Body Temperature Detection
High-speed ability to scan multiple human temperatures in wide range. When abnormal body temperature is detected, the system sends notification to organizers. The content contains date, time, temperature, and the people snapshot.

d) Entry Point Registration
Equipped with automatic ticket checking / registration systems in anywhere.

e) People Count Gate Monitor
Able to count the number of people entering and leaving certain areas. Therefore, you can monitor traffic flow and deploy manpower at any time.

IoT Mobile Surveillance Solutions provided maximum coverage for monitoring and combined with help from our immediate alert and support centre, we were able to operate from a 360° all-inclusive perspective for maximum security. Moreover, Our Big Data Management Service helps you integrate all data, whether structured or unstructured. We provide a complete service, from data collection to data management. The users will gain high-quality data, facilitating decision-making.
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