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DVR Frequently Asked Questions
Source: Shenzhen Old Dragon Technology Limited
DVR Frequently Asked Questions 2009-9-19 15:28:58
Q. Why is HDD detection failed?
A??Please check the power adapter as well as the HDD cable and HDD power cord between the HDD cartridge & motherboard. Or, you can change to another HDD for testing.

Q??Why can't my USB flash drive be detected?
A. The hard disk of our DVR system can't be accessed from your PC. That's because the system format is designed only for our DVR.

Q. Why can not see nothing but a blue screen after turn on DVR?
A.1) Check whether the camera power cable is firmly connected .
2) Check the camera output or video BNC input on DVR back panel.

Q. Why are there no images displayed on the channels of the DVR?
A.1) DVR setting problem. Please check if you've enabled the hiding camera function in DVR.
2) Connection problem. Please check the cable and the interface.
3) Camera problem. Please check the cameras.
4) DVR hardware problem.

Q. Why does the DVR work well, but cannot control the DVR by the front panel or remote controller?
A. 1) Inner connection problem. Please open the case to check if there's a problem with the cable and the connection
2) DVR hardware problem

Q. How many languages do the DVR support?
A. 1) All DVR are support English.
2) Can add other languages if needed.

Q. Why the record file used storage every hour is different at different period?
A.1) It is closely related to the setup. At different record frame rate, resolution and picture quality, it will have different bit rate. The lower the record frame rate, resolution and picture quality, the less the bit rate.
2) The used storage is closely related to the movement of picture. If the image is static, the used storage is small. If the image is movable, the storage is large. That is, on different movable picture, maybe the gap of different used storage is most large.

Q. What are the backup methods?
A.1) If DVR has no USB or RJ-45 port , the only way to backup the recorded data is to remove the HDD inside DVR and connect the HDD to computer and use the client software to backup.
2) If DVR has USB port, connect DVR to computer by USB cable and use the client software to backup
3) If DVR support network function, you can backup the recorded data by IE or client software.

Q. Why cannot change Time/Date?
A. Please stop record before you change the Time/Date.

Q. Why cannot I access Record set submenu?
A. Please stop record before you access this item.

Q. Why cannot I access Network Set submenu?
A. Please stop the connection of the client software from Internet or Intranet before you access Network Set submenu

Q.Why the DVR does not start recording when there is a movement?
A.1) It doesn't open the motion detection function, as to how to enable this function, please read the user manual carefully.
2) The sensitivity is not enough. Please change the motion level.

Q. I can access DVR in LAN, but can not access it by Internet, why?
A. If you want to access DVR by Internet, you must setup virtual servers in your router, the virtual servers in your router will directly forward the related data from DVR to route's public IP, and then, you can access your DVR by Internet.

Q.How can I prevent other people from stopping the recording while I am out?
A. If the DVR is in recording mode, set password 'on' in menu setup, no one can change the set unless he has the right password.

Q. How can I - all data on the hard disk drive?
A. Select 'HDD Format Set' option in the menu.

Q. Can my desktop PC read the video data on hard disk drive in DVR?
A. Yes, you can use our software to read all video data on hard disk.

Q. What happens if I install my PC hard disk drive into the DVR?
A. You can use a PC hard disk drive in the DVR. However, once it runs in DVR, it will - any PC operation system and files on the hard disk drive.

Q. Does DVR kit come with cameras or hard disk drive?
A. No. You have to buy each accessory separately.

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