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IP Camera broadcasting around the world.
Source: Gábor Nagy
The IPCamLive is a cloud-based broadcasting service that was specially developed for IP cameras. With the help of IPCamLive it is very easy to embed the pictures and sound of IP cameras to a webpage even in Full HD, regardless of displaying it on PC, smartphone, tablet or even on smart TV.

The servers on many parts of the world ensure high-quality service, even with a large number of viewers. With the help of the RTSP/ONVIF protokoll, IPCamLive is able to connect directly to the camera, so you only have to port forward it, register in the system, and the camera will be available for everyone.

Apart from live videos, the system allows you to create time-lapse videos, which spectacularly present longer events, for example the construction of a building.

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The following video shows you how easy it is, to embed camera pictures to webpages with the help of our service:
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