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Ievo readers are chosen to secure elite gym chain, Lifestyle Fitness
Source: Tara Burnside
With a focus on keeping costs low, but maintaining a high spec gym, Lifestyle Fitness has invested in ievo? fingerprint access-control pods across the UK to improve the efficiency within their gyms. The highly successful fitness chain has 5 sites within the UK with the new access control system already installed, with 3 more scheduled in the near future.
Lifestyle Fitness required a new system that was not only easy to use and highly reliable but one that was more secure than PIN or tokens. They were therefore introduced to ievo? by a recommendation from Vistec Systems.
“The first site for this venture was commissioned in December 2011 and to date the system has worked perfectly.” Dean Hawkins, Vistec
The Ievo readers were installed in order to improve access control in terms of ease of use and quickness for member’s .The previous system required members to wait until a member of staff was available to register them. The gym also had problems of members losing their membership cards which again cost LifeStyle Fitness both time and money producing new cards. The new system has eliminated any need for cards at all. Lifestyle Fitness currently has the ievo system installed within Stoke, Barnsley, Darlington and Chesterfield with planned installations for sites Carlisle and Wembley also.
How the system works
The member registers their print upon signing up with Lifestyle Fitness. This print now acts as the identification method, replacing the traditional membership card. When the member attends the gym they simply press their finger onto the reader and this opens the first door of the pod. The member then moves into the pod where the door then closes. The member presses their finger on the second reader, where the second door opens providing the member with access to the gym.
“The new system is great; we are thrilled with the results. The system looks fantastic and our members have all expressed their positive feelings towards it. From my view the new system also eliminates non member’s accessing our facilities through the passing about of gym cards from members to non members. It is a much fairer system as it means everyone there has paid. We are looking to implement this system within more of our gyms in the near future!” Gordon Hall, Managing Director of Competition Line
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