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Capsizing Network camera rule! The world’s first long distance network camera has been launched.
Source: Lena Chu
I-View Communication Inc. announced the world’s first long distance network camera that combines the all the innovative ideas. This is the first i-View camera to feature long transmission distance for data and PoE, which greatly save installing and labor costs; and solve power supply problem. This advanced technology will be available on additional I-View cameras in the near future.

I-View innovative solution overcomes the long distance barrier! The new i-View innovative combination is a brilliant answer to long distance transmission obstacles. The new intelligent power management technology overcomes the original 100 meters transmitting limitation and extended it to 1,500 meters. With the high compatibility allows coaxial or any 2-Wired cable for data and PoE transmission. Easy to install and maintain without high expenses of re-cabling and technical problems.

I-View SIM? lens makes remote focusing and zooming-in suspicious area possible. Wth i-View SIM lens, provides an efficiently alternative solution. All lens adjustment can be conducted without being onsite, catch suspicious objects at varying distances and focus automatically in both the telephoto and the wide-angle position to ensure the high quality image.

Smart Focus LEDs- perfect balanced image and energy saving solution! Intelligent embedded Smart Focus LEDs provides enhanced image & color quality under insufficient light condition and great energy saving solution. Maximum IR range to 75m, automatically adjusts the illumination projects according to the different distance.

“This camera bring new generation for IP surveillance, we have always offered most advanced technologies, now combine with long distance transmission and a plenty of other enhancements, it is even better than before.” Said James Ou, General manager, I-View Communication.
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