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How to "Secure" Your CCTV Video Security System?

Recently, my friend left his country two weeks for holiday. When he returned, he found his CCTV system was disabled by the burglars. After that, the burglars took the safe box from his bed room. One of the key values of CCTV system is to deliver forensic evidence when something bad happens. What if the footage is just missing or your recorder is taken. You need a secondary recording system to make sure you critical data is available even the primary system is compromised. How can we back up recording in our CCTV?

Recording in the cloud

You can choose cloud recording service for your cameras. Most of the cloud services require subscribing fee. You pay for the bill like you pay for your phone. Also, the cloud recording will eat the bandwidth as it needs to be always uploading the video or footage to the server.

On-board storage within camera

Some of the cameras have TF card slot which supports on-board storage. You can - a TF memory card which is the same as the one you use in your smart phone. The camera will generate secondary recording inside the camera while it is streaming to your NVR. Image you have several cameras with on-board storage in the field. It is less possibility the criminal can completely destroy all your cameras in one. The on board storage is the effective solution to apply the secondary recording.

FTP upload

If you have ftp server such as NAS device, you can configure the cameras to upload the image or video footage to your ftp server. Most of the cameras require trigger event to initiate the upload operation automatically, like motion detection. When the camera detects the object in the scene, it will take a snapshot and upload to your ftp server. The video upload needs TF card memory on board inside the camera, because the footage has to be created and storage in the memory card before uploading.

Email backup

This is the economic solution to generate the backup. You can create email account to receive the image from your camera or NVR. One of the important things is you need to learn how many email your account allow to receive each day especially you are using the free email account. If your CCTV system keeps sending email every minutes, you could violate the policy and be blocked by your email service provider. You can set the time line to activate the email upload, for example activate email upload only from 8 am to 6 pm when the camera detects object in the field.

Covert Camera

You also can mix the covert camera with on board storage in your security system. This is the useful solution if the security system is existed. The covert camera will be working independent from your existing CCTV system. You can retrieve footage remotely with smart phone or PC software like your CCTV system, but the criminal may never know there is camera recording. In my friend's case, he may identify the burglars if there was covert camera in house.

The video surveillance system is popular these days. Criminal could easily get a system and study how it works. It is time to think of how to secure your security system before they can easily crush it.
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