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  • GOLBONG Technologies Co., Ltd

  • Country: China
  • City: GuangZhou
  • Address: No.3 East Alley,Guangfeng Road,Zengcheng, 511300
  • Contact Person: Joe Zhang

Company Introduction
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Firmed in 2004, GOLBONG was born with the ambitions to deliver the professional security products. In 2009, we had started transforming our products from analog to digital IP.

Voice of the customers is our inspiration to develop the new products. Listen to our customers, discover what the... Read Details
Press Releases
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How to "Secure" Your CCTV Video Security System?

Date: 2017/06/09
Recently, my friend left his country two weeks for holiday. When he returned, he found his CCTV system was disabled by the burglars. After that, the burglars took the safe box from his bed room. One of the key values of CCTV system is to deliver forensic evidence when something bad happens. What if the footage is just missing or your recorder is taken. You need a secondary recording system to make sure you critical data is available even the primary system is compromised. How can we back up reco... Read Details