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GKB Cloud CMS - An Improved Cloud Platform - Simple & Efficient
Source: GKB Security
GKB Security Corporation has released advanced IP Cloud system with more comprehensive functions, including easy-to-login interface, and convenient hierarchical group management, with multi choices of storage devices.

Such value-added functions lead GKB IP Cloud Platform to deliver professional and centralized platform. Based on this huge improvement, we are proud to announce that in 2015, we will change the name of "GKB Cloud NVR" to "GKB Cloud CMS.”

Customized Username/Password to Manage and View IP Cams, NVRs
Without any software installation, users can easily log in their account on IE browser to manage, live view and playback all their NVRs & IP cameras in GKB Cloud CMS.

We also provide iGKB IP Live App available on Android and iOS. Users can use the same account and password to view lively and playback through mobile devices (smart phone/tablet). Furthermore, compare with other general remote access websites, GKB users don’t need to memorize each device’s ID, password, DDNS or IP address. It will save lots of time and efforts when there are more than 10 PCs of IP cams and NVRs.

Hierarchical /Group Management System
GKB Cloud CMS offers users a great advantage that users are able to group and name their own IP cameras as they want. We name it “Hierarchical Management System” designed for franchised-type markets. Administrator can manage all IP cameras, NVRs and assign sub-users with different authorities.

Take a chain store as an example, an owner can manage all IP cameras & NVRs, and each chain store manager can only allowed viewing IP cams in his own store. In addition, an owner is able to group and name IP cameras as he/she wants by which he/she can easily manage and identify each IP cam & NVR.

GKB IP CMS V.S. Other brand IP CMS Setup
GKB IP Cloud CMS General remote access website
How to login Only One username/password required for viewing all IP cams and NVRS Each IP cam / NVR has its own ID, DDNS or IP address.
Live View / Playback Yes Yes
Name IP Cams Yes X
Group Management Yes X
Hierarchical Management Yes X
IP cam/NVR network status Yes X

True Plug & Play
Through GKB standalone NVR, GKB Diplomat IP cameras can be viewed and playback without any complicated network setting anytime anywhere. Even when IP cameras are under 3G/4G network; namely IP cams have no fixed public IP address and ports, users can still view and playback IP cams by smart phone or tablet.

ONVIF compliance
GKB standalone NVR is Onvif compliant. That is to say Onvif IP cams can be integrated with GKB Cloud CMS via GKB Standalone NVR.

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