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GKB Provides the Outstanding Easy-to-Manage IP solution to Timpla Paintshop and Hardware, Philippine
Source: GKB Security
Timpla Paintshop and Hardware is the retailer of the top paint centers under the Tan Group of Companies. Timpla Paintshop and Hardware have a wide sales network with up to 30 retail stores in main cities across Philippines. With such huge network required to manage, Timpla Paintshop and Hardware faced inefficient management issue. As such, the company decided to replace traditional analog system by GKB IP based video surveillance solution with benefits of its central management platform and low bandwidth consumption.

GKB IP solution not only offers high megapixel cameras, but also meets customization requirements in which GKB provides 70 *D02TIRP Indoor 720P network cameras, embedded SD card, siren and door sensor to monitor over 30 shops and depot of Timpla Paintshop and Hardware. GKB supplies free software NVR10, a professional serve-type network video recording, with LAN management across each branch. GKB offers use-friendly Cloud NVR to manage cameras remotely via diversity devices and universal log-in access. With GKB IP solution installment, the headquarters of Timpla Paintshop and Hardware could monitor all sites at the same time and the owner is also allowed to manage wide user access to their own platform.

- Using GKB IP solution is very cost-effective. We provide the remarkable NVR 10, Viewer 11 and NVR Cloud based browser software. This software is able to manage numerous network cameras. Above platforms are free of charge to meet Timpla Paintshop and Hardware economical requirement.

- GKB IP solution is a scalable solution. It’s unique Cloud NVR which is designed for management server, video recording and capable for application in large scale project such as huge network surveillance or VSaaS. It is capable for Timpla Paintshop and Hardware’s future expansion plan. As a result, the implement appeared to be mutually profitable.
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