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RFID Mining System
Source: Anna
EVERTREND active RFID tags and RFID readers have been used for the RFID Mining System to tracking the mining people and assets. The RFID mines system combined functions of attendance checking, location tracking, help ask after accident happen. Through the system, dynamic status of workers and equipments underground can be reflected in the computer system on the ground in real time fashion, such that administrators and manager can get all necessary information, such as positions of workers, equipments or assets moving route timely and accurately for more efficient management. In case disaster occurs, Succor team will find out the exact positions of workers underground by using the data of the system providing and take measures in time to save lives and common properties.

The tags used for the system are the model EV-T801, EV-T90, EV-T100. The reader for the system is EV3000, EV4001 and EV5000. The EV-T100 has the emergency call function, when in some urgent conditions, the person in mining can push the button on the tags and it will send a signal to the control center for help. The control center can send a call to the tag. When the tag receives the signal, the LED on the tags will flash. The long reading distance 80~100 meters is help for when some accident happens.
This integrated system has combined most advanced technologies, such as identification technology, transmission technology, and software technology.
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