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Etrovision cameras help secure Turkish football stadium
Source: Etrovision
Hooliganism and vandalism is sometimes a problem present at football matches. Monitoring and prevention is a challenge in large, crowded stadiums.

With a capacity of about 10,000, the stadium’s cameras record a total of 8 hours per match which includes 3 hours before and after the match. The Elazig Police Department operates the cameras to identify suspicious activity.

Etrovision cameras were selected for stability, image quality and durability. The project includes 45 EV8180F 5-megapixel IP CCTV cameras to monitor the entire visitor area. Each camera is able to view an area of up to 800 sites. Camera lenses are able to display a 92 degree angle of view.

The Etrovision EV8180F 5-megapixel IP camera has 2536 x 1940 (5 MP) resolution @ 10 fps recording and monitoring. The EV8180F also supports recording & monitoring at 2048 x 1536 (3 MP) @ 20 fps and 1920 x 1080 (full HD) @ 25 fps.

System cabling is collected at 5 different edge switches. Each edge switch is placed in an IP66 rated Schneider site panel. All electrical fuses, switch components and accessories are Merlin Gerin products which were chosen for reliability.

The project’s fibre optics solution partner was Fiberex who specialise in IP and fibre infrastructure along with LAN/WAN network products.

Luxriot's VMS was used for the Ataturk Stadium’s video management system. The Luxriot’s VMS is used in many city surveillance systems. Subsequently, the police department and camera operators are already familiar with the user interface which has been translated into Turkish. In addition to supporting several other manufacturers cameras, Luxriot also supports Etrovision’s EV8180F. This not only simplifies integration, but it is a flexible, user-friendly platform for displaying and recording the EV8180F’s impressive high resolution image quality.
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