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Cervantes Institute in Madrid chooses for a total Bosch conference and Public Address solution

When the Headquarters of the Cervantes cultural institute in Madrid needed to update its ageing analog conference system, the choice for the institute was clear – a new all-digital DCN Next Generation system from Bosch. And to ensure optimum audibility throughout the acoustically-challenging conference chamber with its classic architecture, two Vari-directional arrays were installed, making for a total Bosch conference and communication solution.

The result of this acoustical makeover is perfect sound quality and interference-free communication, making it easy for all those present to take part in and contribute to the meetings taking place at this famous institute.

The Cervantes Institute is a public institution set up by Spain in 1991 to promote and teach the Spanish language and to spread Spanish culture worldwide. The headquarters building in Madrid dates back to the start of the twentieth century, with a large conference room featuring a magnificent colored stained glass dome which makes acoustics in this area quite challenging. A large circular table that can accommodate up to 60 people complements this focal point.

The institute chose the DCN Next Generation from Bosch as its modular architecture could easily be adapted to the circular table. And to reduce reverberation in the chamber, which could degrade audibility, it chose the award-winning Vari-directional array. Developed to produce superior speech intelligibility in difficult acoustical environments, the array features digitally-controlled directivity which ensures that sound is directed only where it’s needed to produce optimal sound distribution and audience coverage.

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