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Combining outstanding sound with beautiful aesthetics in Studio 169 – New Delhi, India
Studio 169 is a new concept store combining fashion and fine dining, located in Moments Mall, New Delhi. This designer store boasts a wide variety of fashion wear and accessories, with a creative team of stylists, concept developers and fashion designers. Also, its lounge bar serves exquisite and artistic cuisine from various nationalities, coupled with an array of beverages and soulful entertainment, providing an unparalleled luxurious experience to its patrons.

Business Objective:
The lounge bar has two sections; the Bar area and the fine dining restaurant, which in itself houses a ramp used occasionally for fashion shows.

The Bar area will always be playing loud music while the restaurant section increases the volume of its music only during fashion shows. This proved to be a challenge as the end-user required that the volume levels in the two sections be maintained without any physical barriers, which was dependant on the locations of the speaker placements. The interior designer of the facility was also very particular on the aesthetics of the speakers, stressing that they had to fit the high-end image of the facility.

To meet the requirements specified by the end-user, various EV products were examined both in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Four EV Zx1i speakers were installed in the Bar area, providing loud and clear music to patrons of the bar. As for the restaurant section, EVID 4.2 speakers with 12.1 subwoofer were installed to not only supply soothing background music, but also the occasional loud foreground music when required for the fashion shows. Q series amplifiers and DC-one were used for crossovers, equalization, delay and gain control. As for the outlook of the speakers, white EV speakers were chosen to complement the main theme of the décor.

With Studio 169 being an up-market destination with fashion at the forefront, looks and quality were equally important to the end-user, and EV speakers delivered on all aspects, much to the delight of the end-users and patrons.

Customer Benefit:
The two systems, each placed at strategic positions, allowed the end-user to control the volume levels to their satisfaction. Also, the speakers provided quality sound, which fit the high-end image of the facility.

EV’s white speakers matched perfectly with the décor and ambience of the facility, fulfilling a big part of the end-user’s requirement; excellent aesthetics.

Key Success Factor:
?Easy to operate systems
?Outlook of speakers match décor of facility
?Solutions cater to needs of end-user

"EV has delivered an impressive job with the beautiful speakers which are matched with an excellent sound." Ms. Shilpi Gupta, Managing Director, Studio 169

Installed by:
M/s. Sleek Sales
Corp.Off & Experience center
332, Qutab Plaza, 3rd Floor,
DLF Phase -I, Gurgaon -122 002
Phone: 0124-4105334-335
Fax: 0124-4105336

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