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How home automation integrates with smart intercom?
Source: Akuvox
For its comfortableness and convenience, home automation has been more and more popular in recent years globally. It gives residents access to control cameras, door accessing, lighting, temperature and humidity in your home from a wall-mounted panel or a phone anywhere.

However, intercom is independent from home automation system. So residents should use another wall-mounted panel or intercom App to communicate with visitors. Two panels or two Apps make lives more complicated. If with only one panel or App, it will bring residents much convenience.

Meanwhile, house developers conventionally install traditional intercoms for safety, and begin to install home automation for convenience in order to sell houses at higher price. If those two systems are independent from each other, it means more costs of devices and maintenance.

To integrate intercom with home automation, house developers should replace traditional intercom with newest smart intercom, since smart intercom is very flexible and compatible to work with other systems such as home automation.

There are three ways to make home automation and smart intercom into one system:
1. Install smart home APP on intercom indoor monitor, and residents can control all smart home devices. So the panel of home automation is unnecessary.
2. Home automation panel makes video communication with outdoor intercom and control door access easily. For this scenario, the vendors of home automation and intercom should support compatibility.
3. Integrating the mobile access to home automation and intercom into one App. Similar as last scenario the vendors should work together.

As you can see, one panel and one App make residents free from complicated situation, as well as enjoy more convenience and security.

The integration of home automation and smart intercom benefits not only residents but also house developers. Increasing house value and reducing costs can help house developers improve their competitiveness.

There are a few smart intercom solution providers such as Akuvox, working with leading brands of home automation, i.e. Control 4, Savant, RTI, Amazon Alexa, and so on. If you want to know more details about the integration solution, contact with mentioned brand, they will give you more information.
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