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The Updated Version of Akuvox Smart Cloud Intercom is Officially Released

Here comes the new version (V4.3) of Akuvox Smart Cloud Intercom. In addition to a few bug fixes, this -d release features a stack of new features for Akuvox Cloud management portal and the SmartPlus app as follows:

For Akuvox Cloud Management Portal
- The Launch of Community Manager Portal
- The Launch of Property Management Portal
- Landline as An Answering Unit
- Screenshots by Door Phone Upon Visitors’ Calling

For SmartPlus App for Community Residents
- UI Optimization
- Direct Door Unlocking
- Door Unlocking via Bluetooth
Please read on to find out more details.

Akuvox Cloud Management Portal

1. The Launch of Community Manager Portal

You may wonder how to distinguish the Community Manager portal from the existing Installer portal. Simple! The Community Manager portal is for deploying and maintaining intercom systems for residential communities, while the Installer portal is for deploying and maintaining intercom systems for single-family residences.

The best thing is that both portals can be accessed from one portal account. There is an option in the portals for easy switching between the two roles, allowing installers to manage any types of residences from one account.

2. The Launch of Property Management Portal

This is a portal specifically designed for property managers of residential communities for providing intercom-related services. One property manager is able to manage multiple communities within one portal account.

You will be amazed by the rich services property managers can offer through the portal, a great lift of residents’ community living experience. Check out the key features below:
- Creating new residents accounts, including creating SmartPlus accounts, setting door entry PIN codes and binding RF cards

- Creating temporary keys (PIN and QR codes) for public door phones
- Access to various community data, such as the number of households and app users, and door release statistics
- Access to various security logs: door release logs, call histories and security screenshots

3. Landline as An Answering Unit

Landline or mobile phone without the SmartPlus app is now able to receive visitors’ calls and unlock doors. It is also possible to set the SmartPlus app as the first call receiver and a landline phone as a backup so that residents will never miss any calls.

4. Security Screenshots by Door Phone Upon Visitors’ Calling
The screenshots will be saved in the Property Management portal for later references.

SmartPlus App for Community Residents

1. UI Optimization
The device features were moved to the app’s home screen for quicker access. This means users will be able to, for example, make a call or stream the live video of a door phone camera right after logging into the app.

2. Direct Door Unlocking
Instead of opening doors during calls with visitors, residents can choose to unlock any door connected to a door phone without the need of an incoming call.

3. Door Unlocking via Bluetooth
SmartPlus users can present their smart phones to Akuvox’s Bluetooth-enabled R29 smart door phone to get quick door entry. For now, this feature is only available to Android-based smart phones.

Please contact your Akuvox sales reps to get a trial of Akuvox Smart Cloud Intercom, if the service is new to you!
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