Low-light camera applications are on the rise

The improved performance of low-light cameras today have allowed them to be increasingly applied in security applications outdoors or in areas with challenging light environments. This has led to user demand for clear, color images that can help them identify people and objects of interest to secure their assets and premises. This report discusses key findings from our reader survey of more than 200 security professionals on low-light camera performance, preferences and use. The report also looks at the tech developments and features prioritized by users today.

About the survey
Low-light camera survey: what do users prefer?
Survey insight from security professionals on current market demand,
low-light brands, features and camera types.
low light security brand is...
saw market demand grew
stated costs barred adoption
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Top low-light camera features for users?
The low-light technology features, developments and trends the market is looking for now and in the coming years
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Hikvision ColorVu Low Light Camera Spotlight
Hikvision ColorVu cameras with AcuSense technology for high-definition,
full-color images 24/7, even in challenging low-light environments.
7-inch 4 MP 12X ColorVu Network Speed Dome
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8 MP Panoramic ColorVu Fixed Turret Network Camera