KeyKing access control now integrated into Axxon Intellect Enterprise
Source: Axxonsoft
Date: 2013/02/19
Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM platform offers integration for the KeyKing access control system, developed by KeyKing Group (China). KeyKing is a perfect solution for today’s smart buildings and facilities, which require the precise configuration and high adaptability that KeyKing provides.

The integration spans five controller models, supporting from 1 to 8 checkpoints and 2 to 8 readers:
* TC312NT — 1 checkpoint / 2 readers
* TC322NT — 2 checkpoints / 2 readers
* TC44NT — 4 checkpoints / 4 readers
* TC48NT — 4 checkpoints / 8 readers
* TC488NT — 8 checkpoints / 8 readers

Axxon Intellect performs monitoring, management, and configuration; integration is implemented via a low-level protocol and all controller types can connect over both an IP network and RS-232 ports.

With an ideal blend of hardware and software integration, KeyKing systems offer a number of compelling possibilities for security users:

* Highly flexible access control for small and mid-sized facilities: the hardware can serve different numbers of checkpoints and access points. Small businesses, schools, kindergartens, government agencies, and others can choose the access point arrangement that is best for them.
* Large system capacity: up to 30,000 users are supported.
* Flexible, precise configuration of controllers: special access rules can be set up for each checkpoint.
* Controllers can be connected to servers over an IP network for ease of deployment and configuration
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