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Key Specifications
The Cobalt and Cobalt-mini address the biggest issues with electric locking; failure to lock due to a misaligned door and failure to unlock due to load on the door. Because of the rotating cam action of the locking pins, both of these issues are now resolved with these revolutionary products.

The Cobalt has a dual bolt pin mechanism and is designed for use on swing thru doors. It senses which way the door is closing from and activates the appropriate bolt pin to ‘grab' the door and pull it into alignment. The door can be off center by up to 8mm yet the Cobalt will still align and secure the door effortlessly.

The Cobalt-mini with its single bolt pin is designed for single acting doors and is ideal for pulling a door in against a seal. Like the dual version the Cobalt-mini will align a door that is up to 8mm away from being centered.

The second issue that these locks overcome is the failure of an electric lock to release when requested if there is pressure on the door. When a ‘request to exit' signal is given to the Cobalt or Cobalt-mini they will release instantly even if there is up to 1000N (100kg) being applied to the door at the time it is signalled to unlock. The lock will behave in the same way if there is a power cut and the lock is configured as Fail Safe.

The key features of the Cobalt and Cobalt-mini are;

1. Able to align a door that is ±8mm from centre.
2. Releases whist up to 100kg is being applied to the door.
3. Accommodate a door gap of 8mm.
4. Rated holding force of at least 500Kg.
5. Operates on a voltage range of 12-24VDC +-15%.
6. Requires a 2A power supply at 12VDC.
7. Operating current of approximately 150mA and standby of approximately 30mA.
8. Bolt position and door position monitors are offered as outputs.
9. Converts from Fail Safe to Fail Secure, and vice versa, by simply repositioning a jumper and changing the wire connection to the lock.
10. Provisional patent filed in NZ for the lock. Patent Application number NZ599955.
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