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Key Specifications
IEEE 802.3at compliant
The maximum transmission power is 60W
Poe transmission power supply distance up to 100m
Automatic detection and identification of power receiving equipment and automatic matching of output power
Built in power supply, plug and play, no management required

An important feature of pse156g is its ability to provide high power on all four pair Poe power supplies and Ethernet cables. Compared with dual core (two pair) products, pse156g can greatly improve performance and efficiency. The four pair Poe power supply enables the pse156g to maintain a low current level of 600mA while providing 60W power. This is in sharp contrast to similar two-wire devices. When providing 60W power, its current level is as high as 1.2A. In view of this, this more efficient pse156g can provide 51w power for PD loss when using CAT5 cable, while it can only provide 30W for two-wire solution. In addition to its 60W operation mode, pse156g can also be used to supply power to two-wire equipment, with a power of up to 30W. In this case, the midspan device still uses all four pairs of CAT5 and above cables, which can reduce the waste of up to 50% of the power on the cable. Compared with the traditional two core solution, the POE system with pse156g can reduce the energy loss by up to 15%.
LGLGUO-PSE156G POE injector 60W gigabit
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