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Key Specifications
1.Remote operate working mode: away armed/disarmed and 24-hour panic.

2.Can combine with Fronti wireless sensors, total 20pcs(max) and also with wireless external siren & strobe light.

3.Remote activate alarm or Away mode to trigger sensor to jet smog.

4.It can combine with FS220B GSM auto dialer to voice play dialer and send SMS to report alarm event.

5.It cans call-in send SMS command to activate the jet smog.

6.When the alarm is triggered, it will emit warning voice sound and the alarm sounds.

7.Build-in wire NC/NO alarm input port to connect wire emergency switch or sensors detector to trigger alarm.

8.Build-in wire NC alarm output port to connect alarm console or GSM auto dialer to report alarm event.

5.If the alarm is triggered, the smog will quickly expand and permeate the whole area within 60seconds.

6.Duration of smog effectiveness: 30 minutes, Visibility: Approximately. 20cm

7.The smog is made from non-harmful vegetable formula.(food additive)

8.Self-check ability: Auto-alarm to indicate malfunction; it’s also easy and fast to fix.

9.Low/Empty fluid indicator.

10.Controllable duration of smog. (from 15 to 360 seconds)

11.Three-color LED smog generator will display situation when triggered.

12.Smog generator will emit warning buzzer to show emergency status.

Emergency case: Robberies. (Bank, jewel stores, pawn shops, convenient stories, atms)

FS168B Anti-robbing Security Smog Jet machine
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