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Key Specifications
1. LED indicators for Power On/Off, TEL, TEL on-line and system fault.

1. 10pcs remote controller and 70pcs sensors, they can be set to have different alarm functions of 24H, bypass, delay, door chime and silence.

2. Set program’s data by keypad, PC and SMS.

3. Set to save local language to the console / event / sensor’s name for the report.

4. Can connect to PC via USB port on window software to read/write setting all programs.

5. It can record 40 seconds and 4 kinds of different emergency voice messages by user.

6. Pre-set to save 2 phone numbers for digital dialer CONTACT ID on alarm calling-out.

7. Pre-set to save 4 phone numbers for playing Voice messages on alarm calling-out.

8. Pre-set to save 3 phone numbers for sending event SMS on alarm calling-out.

9. Low battery supervision is on the console and on each individual sensor.

10. Built-in input NC/NO port can connect to wire type sensors, alarm console or panic buttons to call-out to report alarm event.

11. Built-in 2 wires alarms output ports can trigger external siren, and NC/NO relay switch can control the light/CCTV.

12.It can control the FS148S wireless external siren and the report event to FS310W wireless keypad LCD.

13.Alarm will call-out to contact ID, and then voice dialer will play voice alarm message.

14.Alarm will send SMS with alarm event, sensor number/name and user name address.

15.Built-in rechargeable back-up battery, Tamper Switch and Power Failure Detector can automatically call-out report alarm event.

16.Call-in to send SMS command to set working mode and setup alarm program data, it will auto reply SMS to confirm.

17.Call-in to send SMS command to console to request replying working mode.

18.It can combine with wireless keypad, so that it can two-way communicate for setting console program, working mode and can display alarm event.

19.Can select IP module to send e-mail to report alarm event.

Can combine with FS330A APP via SMS/IP to setting working/program data and receive alarm data.

FS222B GSM Wireless Alarm Console dialer Digital/Voice/SMS report
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