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Key Specifications
1.Can combine with normal phone set, alarm console or IP voice route transfer to GSM call-out.
2.When the PSTN phone line disconnects, it will automatically transfer to GSM and send event SMS.
3.5 LED indicators for Power On/Off, GSM/TEL, GSM on-line, TEL on-line and system fault.
4.Set program’s data by keypad, PC and SMS.
5.Set to save local language to the console / event / sensor’s name for the report.
6.Can connect to PC via USB port on window software to read/write setting all programs.
7.It can record 40 seconds and 4 kinds of different emergency voice messages by user.
8.Pre-set to save 2 phone numbers for digital dialer CONTACT ID on alarm calling-out.
9.Pre-set to save 4 phone numbers for playing Voice messages on alarm calling-out.
10.Pre-set to save 3 phone numbers for sending event SMS on alarm calling-out.
11.Low battery supervision is on the console and on each individual sensor.
12.Built-in input NC/NO port can connect to wire type sensors, alarm console or panic buttons to call-out to report alarm event.
13.Built-in 2 wires alarms output ports can trigger external siren, and NC/NO relay switch can control the light/CCTV.
14.Built-in rechargeable back-up battery, Tamper Switch and Power Failure Detector can automatically call-out report alarm event.
15.Call-in to send SMS command to set working mode and setup alarm program data, it will auto reply SMS to confirm.
16.Call-in to send SMS command to console to request replying working mode.
17.Can setup every 0-99 hours and automatically send SMS to report GSM ON LINE.
FS220B GSM Auto Dialer with Digital/Voice/SMS report
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