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Key Specifications
Manual Swipe card reader writer

Credit card reader writer


Support ISO, IBM, DIN, ANSI etc

Smart reading for card / bankbook with different magnetic record format

Excellent adaptation, good reliability, long-life magnetic head



Banking system

Tax Service System

Securities System

Member Management System


Card Standard: ISO 7811 / 2 ISO 7816

Track Position: ISO 1 (IATA) ISO 2 (ABA) ISO 3 (MINTS)

Recording Density: 210 BPI 75 BPI 210 BPI

Recording Capacity: 79Characters (7bits) 40Characters (5bits) 107Characters (5bits)

Power Supply: Lo-Co. (WBT series), DC + 5V ±5%,

Hi-Co. & Lo-Co (WBTH series), DC +24V ±5%,

Power consumption: 200mA +/- 15% (read) 280mA +/- 15% (write)

Head Function: Read only 1. 5mm, Writer 3 mm

Card Thickness: Plastic 0. 76 +/- 0. 08mm

Operation Speed: 10 ~ 150cm/sec (read) 10 ~ 100cm/sec (write)

Error Rate: Lass than 0. 5% (JSE Test card)

Interface: RS-232, USB

Operation Locus: Indoors only

Lifetime of Header: 500, 000 card passes (1 pass: One swipe)

Weight Approx.: 1.5kg

Hi-Co & Lo-Co Magnetic Card Reader/Writer
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