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In today’s global urban environments, businesses and authorities use diverse technologies to keep public and commercial areas safe from multiple risks and threats. In order to cope with safety and security hazards, governments, municipalities, enterprises and individuals utilize vast amounts of video capturing devices. Yet to deploy appropriate and effective action, they must be able to extract events of interest from tremendous amount of video content in a precise and timely manner.

viisights’ solutions provide an automatic understanding of video content captured by widespread surveillance cameras and sensors located throughout public areas, buildings, shopping centers, parking lots, commercial and industrial zones and the like. The company’s groundbreaking technology processes and understands vast amounts of live video streams in near real-time – and also investigates recorded videos – in order to provide intelligence, insights and alerts derived from actions, events and scenes of interest.

The ultimate solution for scaling security guard control monitoring stations. viisights true handles automatically all video verification alerts. While pinning the true ones and filtering false alerts that are mostly originated by surveillance cameras motion detectors which are highly sensitive to changing conditions (light, weather, bugs). viisights true is a guardian gateway software system powered by artificial intelligence trained to reduce 70%-95% of false alarms and facilitates efficient supervision and control.
viisights  true - AI for Security Guard Command and Control Centers
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viisights  true - AI for Security Guard Command and Control Centers
viisights wise - Behavioral Recognition for Realtime Video Intelligence
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