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  • Country: Korea
  • City: Incheon
  • Address: 62,Euncheong Street, Namdong-Ku,Incheon, 21643 Korea
  • Contact Person: Tony Kim

Key Specifications
Push pull lock (easy to change swing in / swing out)
Smart Safe open with bluetooth
Quick and easy fingerprint verification
Admistrator''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s function
Fire protection structure
Double locking
Intrusion/vandalism alarm
Smart indiacator
Auto/manual locking
Heat detection alarm
random number before enter password
Registration capacity (password : 3, RF card/fingerprint 100)
Unicor/PM8000 /Digital /Smart/door lock /fingerprint/ Mortise/APP/pushpull/main Door
Other Products
Unicor/VR330 /Digital/Smart/door lock /RF card/ rim lock/office Door
Unicor/GR330 /Digital/Smart/door lock /RF card/ rim lock/Glass Door
Unicor/GR500/Digital lock/ door lock /smart/ fingerprint/ rimlock/APP/ Glass Door
Unicor/VR500 Digital / Smart /door lock/ fingerprint/ rimlock/APP/office door
Unicor/M3250/Digital/Smart/door lock/ Mortise lock/Handle/RF Card/short
Unicor/M6700/Digital/Smart/door lock / Mortise lock/Handle/fingerprint/RF Card/APP
Unicor/M7200/Digital/Smart/door lock /fingerprint/ RF Card/Mortise lock/Handle/APP
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