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Key Specifications

Access Control for the IT-Savvy


The more you read about security system compromises, the more you can understand why IT-savvy customers are demanding more secure ways to deploy and manage their security technology. With all of the attention and money being spent on safeguarding a company's network, leveraging that network infrastructure for access control makes a lot of sense from a security and cost perspective. IP-ACM is a flexible and future-proof Ethernet door module that helps reduce wiring and installation costs.



Distributed Architecture Offers the Ultimate in Scalability


IP-ACMs are installed ‘at the edge' or near the doors they are controlling (typically in the ceiling) and communicate securely over IP to an iSTAR Ultra GCM using AES-256 encryption. The GCM contains the local access database and makes all access decisions. Each IP-ACM can support two doors, or one door with in and out readers (Wiegand, RM, BLE, or Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) v2). Each iSTAR Ultra supports up to 32 readers; so, if each IP-ACM is connected to one reader, up to 32 IP-ACM devices may be connected to a GCM. If each IP-ACM has two readers, then 16 IP-ACMs may be connected to the GCM. Use IP-ACM on the same primary network as iSTAR Ultra, or set up a separate dedicated subnet to the iSTAR Ultra GCM


for a more secure option. In this highly secure layout, the iSTAR Configuration Utility or a similar tool can be used to set static IP addresses for each IP-ACM. You can even use IP-ACM in a hybrid layout, combining IP-ACM doors with traditionally wired doors.



Offline Mode for Reliable Continuity


IP-ACM is one of the industry's only IP door modules that includes a configurable offline mode that allows users to select “No Access”, “Access based on the last buffered 1,000 unique cards” and/or“ Access for specific personnel group” if network communication is lost. This ensures that authorized cardholders can still gain entry even in a network outage. All card admits and rejects will be buffered, and uploaded when the IP-ACM is back online. IP-ACM will alarm on any loss or latency of network communication, allowing you to proactively manage the situation.



Flexible Enclosure and Power Options


IP-ACM is available as a standalone board, in a metal enclosure with lock & tamper or an ABS plastic


enclosure with front and rear tamper. For finished spaces, the aesthetically pleasing ABS plastic enclosure


is ideal for mounting on the secure side of a door. Each IP-ACM can be powered by a local 12 or 24V DC


power source, or power can be provided through PoE or PoE Plus to each door, further reducing wiring costs. To provide compatibility with the greatest number of PoE Plus network switches, IP-ACM supports Link Layer Discovery Protocol – Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) protocol for negotiation of power requirements when using PoE Plus.



Leverage Your Network Infrastructure Future-Proof IP Solution


Its scalability alone makes the combined IP-ACM and iSTAR Ultra GCM a superior solution around which to build your security infrastructure. Add full duplex RS-485 on board, and now you know you will be able to


leverage future technology like touch screen and VoIP. And with OSDP v2 support, you benefit from a


communication protocol that fosters interoperability among myriad security devices such as readers, and


paves the way for advanced security applications.


* PoE or PoE Plus

* 10/100/GigE connectivity

* AES-256 network encryption

* Highly distributed architecture

* Cost-effective IP access control module

* Up to 32 IP-ACMs per iSTAR Ultra GCM



Software House IP-ACM Ethernet Door Module
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